VGEG ! The Airport without Parking...

I was controling at VGEG earlyer on today and noticed that there where planes spawning in on the runway. ( This isn´t usually possible I thought to myself . )
After the session I checked the airports parking and it doesn´t exist… hope you can work with this

Aircraft parked on the runway? Seems pretty unusual for me too.

Maybe the something went wrong with the scenery. Try clearing the scenery cache in the general settings and let me know if something does change.


EVLA has the same thing 😉

This must be either solo mode or the airport must be unedited. 🤔

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Try EVLA on live. You can spawn on the runway


It´s not solo mode

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I think this is happening because there are no gates located in the airport. This is an auto generated airport which contains no editing whatsoever.

Ok, just seemed weired to me

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You can try contacting the Airport editing team and they can work with that along in the future. 👍

Ok, how do I contact them?

You’re not meant to request airports actually, but if you have a friend there you can ask them or you can join and do it yourself😊

How does one join ?


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