VFR over Grand canyon

After 21.4 update, KGCN (Grand canyon) upgraded with 3D structures.
I Flew there with B737. After approaching within beautiful scenes, I
Decided to do VFR there. This place becomes my favorite VFR region since
then! So i am sharing some of my screenshots with you!

Server: Expert, No route! (VFR) , 8/7/2021 AT Noon!

First of all you need Fuel!

Runway 3 T/O

Actually I had a plan :)
2021.08.07 14-57-42

Following Colorado River

Wing view

And finally, I could not find a better place to park!


The cars worship the plane


Wow! Nice photos! I especially love the past one

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POV: Your a seagull who is very confused


Awesome pics! Good parking spot too 😂

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