VFR, not from this world?

Casual, Noonish, From Canyonlands Airport in Utah towards Monument Valley in the Four Corners Area of the American Southwest, passing over the Grand Canyon then a left turn towards Winslow. Not because of the Eagles song “Take it Easy.” Something not from this Earth…

Canyonlands Utah, not Mars, but??

Once water flowed?

Cut in the Earth!?

descending a bit near Monument Valley

Left after south of the Grand Canyon

powering along flatlands, NE of Flagstaff

already in the vicinity of Winslow, what the??

50,000 years ago, fell from the sky?..

Earth is a planet like all the rest, I guess

Houston we have…


Good Mysterious Pics

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Thanks! I can’t believe this impact crater still looks like a moon crater. Out in the middle of nowhere.

looks like where a nuclear bomb was tested🤔🤔

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We live on the moon sir. Idk what you’re talking about Earth is our moon 🤨.

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Which makes earth made out of cheese

Cheesy eh??


Curious question. I had to look it up.

The explosive force was about 150 times more powerful than the earliest nuclear bombs, more than early hydrogen bombs.

The piece that hit the ground they estimated was about 20 meters across (66 feet), and hit with a speed of about 43,000 km/hr (27,000 mi/hr).

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photo credit: DigitalApolloCover.jpg (3072×3840) (mit.edu)

Emmental or American Swiss?

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Nono! The Earth is a cookie. With all its toppings and blue colored fudge. It’s like a big ball of dessert 😋.


Grand Canyon=Mars 😂

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The earth is a bowl with a spoon.

Cool planet pics @adit

Thanks! I’d like to check out other earth craters sometime to see if any others come close to looking moon-like

I started at Canyonlands thinking that, but now that you mention it, the Grand Canyon looks no less Mars-like.

Since this, I’ve been trying to find Wolf Creek Crater in Western Australia. Haven’t found it yet. Anyone else care to try?