VFR Meaning

I was flying from London to Athen and I checked live floght and it told me I was flying VFR. I was just wondering what does flying VFR mean?

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I think you should remove the team Airbus or Boeing poll, trust me. VFR means Visual Flight Rules.

And what does Visual Flight rules mean and when does it occur? I will

VFR stands for Visual Flight Rules and IFR means Instrument Flight Rules. Depending on the weather conditions a pilot may opt for one set of rules or the other. There are a number of other factors that influence the decision but for simplicity’s sake it’s the weather that make you fly VFR or IFR.


Visual Flight Rules, is when a pilot is operating without a flight plan, and is maintaining visual seperation with other aircraft in the vicinity.

It is used most commonly during GA flights. There is heaps of information on VFR and what it is in our good old friend google as well!


Okay so live flight is false because I jave a flight plan. Thank you good day👋 But infinte flight is also tellong me that I am flying VFR. What?


Fun fact: 3 percent of IF pilots remember this part.

388s do not fly VFR from EGLL to EHAM.