VFR | Lake Okoboji

Hey IFC! So I decided to fly around Lake Okoboji in Northern Iowa. Now most of you probably don’t think “Spring-Fed Lake” when you think of Iowa, but trust me it is a sight to behold! It is even more beautiful in person!

Info about the Lakes: The Lake on the Left is West Okoboji, the smaller lake (that looks like a river) next to it is East Okoboji, and the northern greener lake above East Okoboji is Spirit Lake.
So here’s the info about the flight:

Server: Expert
Route: VFR around Lake Okoboji including 0F3 and 4D8 airports
Aircraft: Cessna 208 Caravan
Flight Time: 14 minutes

Before we get to the flight, here is Lake Okoboji from 100,000ft!

Taking off Runway 16 at Spirit Lake Municipal

Turning Southeast as we begin our journey around the lake

Flying over East Okoboji as we fly towards the West Lake

Banking near Spirit Lake Muni

A clear view of West Okoboji

West and East Lakes, starting to descend towards Fuller Airfield

A (very bad) Touch and Go at Fuller Airfield before turning back towards Spirit Lake Municipal

Turning onto Final at 0F3

Landing on runway 34 at Spirit Lake Muni

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Definitely loving picture 1, great job

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Thank you!

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