VFR into IMC Questions

Hi everyone.
Recently, I have been watching videos about VFR into IMC on YouTube, and one thing that I see is that Pilots (usually new pilots), will stretch their minimums or test their minimums and see if they can make it through.

Most of the time, it doesn’t end well.

I am here to ask Real Private Pilots some questions regarding minimums and if you’ve ever encountered IMC conditions.

  1. What are your Current VFR minimums?
  2. Have you ever gotten yourself into IMC?
  3. Did you immediately turn around when you were flying and saw storms ahead?
  4. Did you sign up for IFR Training once you finished your initial PPL Training?
  5. Can you give Tips for new pilots and those who are in training?

Many pilots i’ve spoken to said if they got themselves into IMC, or see Storms ahead, they would immediately turn around and land, or delay their flights for another day.

I have seen a lot of videos, especially the ones from AOPA Safety. I can’t help but watch these VFR to IMC crashes, as I can use these videos as a learning tool on what to do if I ever encounter IMC conditions.

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Those are great videos.
Here’s my advice! You only need three hours of simulated Instrument conditions for PPL. Once you get your certificate, I’d go up with a safety pilot and get practice flying just by instruments alone, wear foggles to limit your visibility. And even without foggles I’ve been riding with other pilots and they will throw a scenario at me saying VFR into IMC get us out of it. (Perfect VFR day) and it’s to help me get reflexes and know what to do and know how to fly the plane via the instruments just in case.
My Personal minimums are what I like to call 4 +3 +2 so that means 4 statue miles of visibility, 3,000 foot ceiling and at least 2 alternate airports near by that I can get too with the amount of fuel I have on board. It’s to have options and also just in case if you find yourself in that situation where you can’t go back to your departure you can have other airports near by and land at instead of a more serious or tragic outcome


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