VFR in New York!

As you may already know, today was ATC at Home on the Expert Server. Earlier, I was pondering what I should do today and a nice VFR flight around New York seemed like good fun. I initially departed Long Island Airport, tracked West to transition over Kennedy Airport then North to White Plains Airport to do a circuit then back South to meet up with @Yacht over Kennedy Airport for some flight of 2 action. Here are some pics:


The last one is our favorite although we weren’t really sure how a B772 departed La Guardia…

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Stay safe!


Thank you @Tajay, very cool!

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Last pic is amazing 😉

And I did almost the same thing. Even though I landed at Teterboro

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Very cool photos, especially that last one! Great work!


These should be the new loading page for Infinite Flight! :D

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Nice picture! Gotta love when people take a heavy in/out of LGA 😂

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Wow! Interesting how he did that. 🤔 😂

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