VFR flying around Hawaii

Hello IFC,

When i saw that today’s FNF was on the Hawaii islands, an idea popped in my head: I wanted to take off from Honolulu in an TBM, and fly around the islands and enjoy my view. Maybe i want to do some touch and go’s on other (non or less) active airports and then finally return back to Honolulu. Then i asked myself, is that allowed to do? Because it says that its not allowed to fly between different islands but i don’t know if that rule is also for GA aircraft. So, does someone know if i’m allowed to do that? (I don’t want to lose my brand-new Grade 4)

Note: I posted this question already in the FNF topic, but i thought a topic would attract more attention.

You can do touch and goes. The important thing is to not fly between airports in PHNL airspace👍🏻


Ah okay thank you!

You’re welcome.

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Just take notes of what the ATIS states as well but do feel free to do that :)

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Okay, thank you!

And when you wanna move to another airport after your pattern work don’t forget to request departure to west/north/south or east to let the ATC know that you’re leaving :)

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Oh yeah, thanks! Think that i would have forget that…

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