VFR Flight Like No Other, Landing On Grass

G’day all, today I flew a VFR flight in the XCub and landed on the grass like a grasshopper. I really enjoyed looking around at the scenery below. I hope you enjoy my editing on these pictures.

I departed De Kooy at noon and well arrived on the grass so… I was flying in solo.


Image is Copyright © 2019 by Qantas094. All rights reserved.

If you want to use my picture for a post, YouTube thumbnail, Instagram post, etc please PM me.


No you didn’t mate, plus you shouldn’t say if you have.


I prefer the second one very good editing
But the resolution of the moon and trees on the second one is kinda weird for me


Thanks mate. Yeah I think the picture of the XCub is to high resolution for the other picture.

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I think it’s over edited.
The second picture confuses me.


I don’t know what happened during the export as it wasn’t like that when in the app.

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It’s nice. A bit less on the editting and better resolution of the moon & trees.

Also, the second one looks similar to the looks like something from the clip of ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’! Spooky Scary CubCrafters

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The first one is a little over edited, but the second one is a different story, it is amazing!


Thanks everyone, personally I like the first one but you all have your own opinions.

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Love the second one 👍🏽😁great job buddy

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beautiful shots

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Nice shots, but they’re edited a bit too much. Other than that, they look nice.


Thanks everyone.

Nice photos. I like the color in the first one.

Looks like you found a flat area in Skyrim for your second photo. Watch out for the dragons, although from the looks of it, it may be too late.


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