VFR Flight From KOQN to 2PA4 in C172

My family owns a lake house in northeastern PA with a grass strip just to the south of the lake so I thought I might as well fly from my home airport to the grass strip to Practive my flight planning and everything.

Expert server, 6:30pmish local time. Flight time 1:20

Departing KOQN

Some shots over the endless mountain region of PA


w o w
nice pics man

Nice photos! Really cool to see GA getting some love.

I may or may not be blind, but there are mountains?

Nice pictures! It looked like a fun VFR flight!

Those are not mountains in the picture, the US East Coast has different regions, being the Costal Plain (aka the Tidewater), the Piedmont (French for at the foot of the mountain), and the Appalachian Mountains, and Plateau. This seems to be in the Piedmont region, as the hills are very much so rolling. Thank you for tuning into today’s geography lesson!

That’s what I thought. Now that I look more closely, I do see some hills. Noice 👌

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Technically yes but they only have about 1000ft change in elevation so endless hill region I guess

Great photos! I like flying in the Cessna 172.

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