VFR cruise around the lake!

VFR Leisure flights are awesome! It’s fun just flying around in a Cessna 172 and just looking out the windows and enjoying the landscapes.

For this flight, T1TAN took off from Chicago Executive in the 172 and flew along the eastern coast of Lake Michigan to Charlevoix Michigan. I flew a a steady 3,000 feet and a constant 120KTS . I recommend flying along the Great Lakes coast lines in GA aircraft especially the 172!

Route information:

Departure Airport: Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK)

Arrival Airport: Charlevoix. (KCVX)

Aircraft: Cessna 172

Duration: 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Server: Expert

Time of screenshots: 10:15AM, 11:53AM, 1:10PM CST Chicago.

Photos were edited with Lightroom and flightplan from Google Earth provided by Live Flight!


Beautiful love the second one!

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