VFR Charts outside of U.S

I want to begin G.A flying more in the coming weeks. But I’ve had difficulty getting VFR charts outside of the U.S. Please link them or describe how to get to them. Thanks community.

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I use skyvector.com’s World VFR map. It’s not as detailed as US sectional charts, but it gets the job done.


I mean, there must be more detailed VFR chart’s somewhere right? People fly VFR outside of the U.S so there must be some kind of chart. Maybe some IRL pilots outside of the U.S or those familiar with the topic could explain their own VFR charts.

Navigraph is a fantastic resource for all charts and maps known to man, though it comes at a cost of 8 Euros per month or 60 or so Euros for a year. Also comes with updated AIRAC cycles for Simbrief planning, my personal favorite third-party.

Most countries where GA is prominent do publish official charts. In places like China where GA is rare pilots have their DIY charts. (Actually, they have “navigators” but that’s a whole different story)


Does Navigraph have VFR charts? I have it for my commercial flights but I don’t see anything for VFR.

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Every country does there own aeronautical charts. Like the US every country has its own authority for that. An like the US you have to find that source of Information for every country you want to fly in.

For commercial flying, mostly IFR, there is a world wide interest in having a single source for this informations, that is why there are commercial (non governmental) services like Jeppesen that collect those data and provide them for money.

For privat VFR flying there is no such Business case. That is why you have to search the source of information for VFR your self for each country individually. For the US you found it already.
For many countries you could find the VFR flying rules on the government’s aviation authority. A search for „countryname AIP“ brings you to the webpage that should have the ICAO conform aviation information. Some countries include VFR in this, like Estonia did. Some countries link a separat document that is close to the ICAO style. Some link a separate source like France did.
But some countries do want to have money for those information, like Humgria. Some do not have VFR flight information at all like Turkey.
Many countries in the world do provide the VFR information only in their local language, many didn’t have it at all.
Searching for this information is part of the GA VFR flying fun.


@Major-Tom Thanks for typing all of that. Good information.

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Actually looking at it now I don’t think they have VFR sectionals. Thought they did though I never used it. My bad.

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I can recommend my usual searches for official/semi-official charts (which often does include VFR charts):

“[Country Name] AIP Charts”
“[ICAO Airport Code] AIP Charts”

If you have a specific European Country in mind I might be able to provide you with a link as I have done quite a bit of research as I am flying mostly in Europe in IF, so feel free to ask here or via PM.

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