VFR around the Caribbean

Hello everyone today I flew around the Caribbean VFR I hope you enjoy!

  • TBM-930
  • VFR
  • Today


Barely taking off from Saba!

Final for a touch and go!

Photo of the beautiful island of Saba!

Final for St Barth’s

Nice landing by someone in a XCUB

Beautiful random Caribbean island!

Spotting all the planes over TNCM!


And touchdown right next to the big guys hope my landings was good!
😂 (at TNCM)

Thanks so much for the ATC! The IFATC team is the best!

I really enjoyed this flight and recommend it I also spotted Laura testing the C172!


Picture 1 just scares me! Great pictures!



A whole nope! HAHAHAHAHA

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What a beautiful island, those big guys didn’t have much of a runway to takeoff but I love how you were able to go all the way around that island so easily it is so small.


Hope you had fun @Sashaz55.

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Very nice photos and scenery! Looks like fun

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Scary takeoff I’ll bet.

I was in SBH this summer and spoke to a pilot about Saba. Turns out that Winair aircraft are the only ones allowed. No GA or private, just Winair. Found it pretty neat!

That won’t stop me from going there in IF though 😜

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I hope you had fun @Sashaz55

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Now it makes me wanna do that flight!

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