VFR, and IFR improvements

Personally, an an IRL pilot. I have been disappointed with the amount of usage of VFR and IFR communications. I’ve personally wished that pilots could call a tower from an non towered airport and receive a VFR or IFR clearance.

The game is also missing other terms such as upwind, or on the go when an aircraft wants to land at a full stop on a runway and they take off again.


Why don’t you make a #features request for this. I think it would be a great idea.

You can also vote on this one [IFR Clearance] ATC though it does has 0 votes

YES! I totally agree with this (I’m a student pilot myself, with basic IFR knowlage) and this has always driven me mad.

I’d suggest making this a feature request as well as adding more info to your request so others can vote for it. I sure would! Maybe IF could make a fourth server for Grade 4 and 5 pilots that would include these features, since not all might want such realism.


I don’t think there would be another server added as it is very expensive to run and it would drive subscription prices up again

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Ah, fair point. Maybe an optional upgrade? I don’t know… for me, I don’t have the resources to have a desktop setup with FS2020 or XP11, so IF is really my only option… but on that note, it doesn’t have very realistic radio calls. A few friends and I did a sort of voice ATC server just for us, which was very fun since we could do all that, but of course it was just the five of us.

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@Brady_Fredrickson… MaxSez: Welcome to the IF Activist Club my fellow aviator. Your ######- Up a Rope! Communication menu/ RW procedures have been addressed here for note. I’m with you on the procedures thing the AIM is my Bible. This platform improves exponentially. Only time, patients and a go at them attitude will
move the Goal Post.
Regards, Max


The main point is simple, what’s the point of making a proper IFR FP if u can’t receive proper clearance to be realistically allowed to use it. For small aircraft that aren’t allowed to start at a big area because controllers put on TAFs for them- thus they don’t get the full experience.

For those flying VFR- the game doesn’t offer a single radio call that pertains to solely VFR.

Vote here, many other people also would like that feature.

Not sure what you’re referring to with upwind. You can be cleared for the option in Infinite Flight. A suggestion to change the verbiage in the ATC menu is logical so that you could request a stop and go on Unicom or at a controlled field, but ATC can clear you for the option.

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The term “upwind” means that you have just rotated. For extremely big airports w heavy traffic it is very important term. So the order of a pattern is as follows - upwind, crosswind, downwind, base, final, (another important one that’s missing) shortfinal for when the aircraft is just a few hundred feet from the runway.

Yes I know what upwind is, just not what you were referring to. We have an extend upwind command currently for ATC but I imagine you’re more talking about the pilot side.

Yes, the pilot side as far as call outs.

That’d be pretty nice, I agree. For now, know you can do a touch-and-go, a stop-and-go, a full-stop landing, a low approach, or a missed approach if you are cleared for the option. Of course for what you’re saying, it’s not perfect, but to receive a option clearance you’d have to request a touch and go. Then we’d clear you for the option.

Edit: Due to the fact you can’t fully state what you intend on doing, like you said, you may receive an exit command on the stop and go, but ATC is trained to let you do stop and goes, it just won’t immediately be apparent to the controller.

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