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Dear Friends and Followers!

Welcome to the official vEZY Virtual Thread on Infinite Flight Community!


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Why are we special?

Not a trick question for us!

First of all, our range of destinations is able to satisfy almost everyone. From short, 30 minute flights within the United Kingdom, or longer 5-hour flight to holiday destinations across Europe!

Secondly, we have a stunning website! Don’t forget to check it out here or at the end of a Topic.

Furthermore, we have released our own app for iOS and Android with in-flight & emergency announcements and checklists which is available absolutely free of charge for our pilots!

Also, we have a brilliant team which is striving to do their best in order to help you to progress as a pilot! From our media officers to training staff - this people made this happen!

Last but not least, we have a lot of codeshare routes as a part of our Worldwide by vEZY program. Destinations are available on 6 different continents, including North America, Asia and Australia!

Where do we fly to?

It is a really hard question, as we literally lost the track! We have more than 6200 schedules in our crew system and our staff is monitoring new releases so that they could be added straight away!
To describe our routes in two words, I would say: everywhere. If you would ask where the second word is, I would add “everywhere”.

Our goal

… is simple: make flying in a VA enjoyable for everyone!

How to join?

It is quite simple, just fill out an application form and expect to be contacted on IFC very shortly after that! The form could also be found on the website.

You have to be over 12 years old to join and you agree to complete at least one flight per month.

Fill out the form, wait for a bit until one of our staff members will approve it. We will send you a message of IFC with a link to an admissions test.

If you are still not convinced, have a look at our promotional video:


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With best regards,
vEZY team

We are in no way affiliated with real world airline easyJet. Furthermore, this VA is in no way promoted or endorsed by Infinite Flight itself. Please respect our work and do not copy the material from this thread.

I love the new thread well done


Well done vEZY! I really like the promotional video.

Is this a copyright friendly EasyJet Virtual, sort of like Nonstop Virtual being based on Lufthansa?

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Welcome to the world of VA, I wish you a lot of success and I liked the video, especially the music, you mind if I ask the name of the song.


  1. Welcome to the VA Community!
  2. Your Promo Video might get taken down as the song is copyrighted.

Yes, it is :D We have started as easyJet Virtual but then decided that we want to prevent any possible copyright claims

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The song is Better by Khalid :D

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Song was not copyrighted, it was used according to regulations and was paid for :D

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Oh, that’s fine. As long as you paid royalties your fine.

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I have confirmed my e-mail. will the test come via e-mail of IFC? Thanks

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Yes, Jack! We have just messaged you :)

Just sent in an application 😉

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Hey I got your message and responded haven’t seen anything. Where can I expect to receive my test?

Great thread! Glad to see an EasyJet virtual!

i just Apply vezy. and i hope i can pass the written test😁

@Ramzi_Khairan Its easy and the staff are very accommodating good luck I hope to see you flying with us soon!

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Application sent in. Hope to be flying with your in the near future :)

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