Veterans Day Flyout | @LFPG - 110300ZNOV18

Server: Training

Airport: LFPG-KIAD

November 12, 2018 4:00 AM

As you may know this weekend in Sunday is Veterans Day! To celebrate the USA’s great veterans I am hosting a Flyout. We will fly out of Paris, the city where Compiègne is, where Armistice was signed in WW1. We will fly out of Paris and Head to Washington Dulles airport. Where the Capitol of the USA is! We will do this in honor of the veterans that served in WW1 and any veterans today! I hope you have time to join me on this special occasion!

An American Airline is suggested. (Etc American, Delta, United) but Air France, and British Airways long haul aircraft are welcome as well!
We will use Terminal 1 with these gates.

Pick One That Is Not in use. If we fill up more than terminal 1 use the closest gates to them.

Photo Credit Here
Virtual Airlines Are Welcome To Join!

During the day a FPL will be made depending on weather.

I hope to see you in this wonderful event!


Where are the Gate Assignments?

I am not sure on that yet. I feel we will use terminal 1.

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Can I join I want to be a part of this effort

I’m available for y’alls event, if possible could I run LFPG tower or ground? Hopefully someone else won’t take it.

I’m a grade 4 pilot & have 2,027 operations completed.

is there a planned route that we are going to take?

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