Very windy (for me)

Okay, first things first, 46 knots is WAY too high. That’s very, very, very rare and I’ve only heard of one crosswind landing ever successful in that high of a wind speed.

Second, your grade does not mean anything. You could be a grade 5 and be a terrible pilot or a grade 1 and a fantastic pilot.

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That makes me feel a little better thanks man. I am looking for someone to join me tomorrow if you’re interested or anyone else for that matter

Well I guess today actually it’s past midnight

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I’ll see if I can. Just DM me on Slack :)

I usually turn off the Auto Pilot just before it touch the runway :) Don’t want to battle with the wind for a long period of time

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I wouldn’t recommend to use APPR during crosswinds

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One more thing. So un that picture it says 262°m. That meand the wind id Boeing in that direction? What does “m” mean

M means the magnetic heading. There are both true headings and magnetic headings.

Check this out for more info:

With crosswind landings, I’d suggest practicing on solo before taking it to expert. I’ve told you this before, but perfect practice makes permanent.

I used to be terrible at landings, especially in crosswinds. Watched the tutorials, practiced on my own, and then took it to the expert server.

My procedure is to handfly it the whole way from 1500 ft AGL or 6 nautical miles out, and I rarely rely on APPR these days.

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