Very windy (for me)

I’ve been relying on APPR mode to do most of my Landing and it’s time that I learn to do manual Landings and obviously a big part of that is crosswind. Now I watch the tutorials and whatnot but I still have a few questions. For one, in this picture above the arrow is pointing right but my plane is shipping to the left? If the arrow is pointing to the right does that mean that the wind is blowing to the right in that direction or does that mean that the wind is coming from the direction the arrow is pointing in? My main question is Ian confused why my plane was shift in left if the error was pointed right

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Not sure what you are asking but you are having crosswinds and by using the rudder pedal you can fix that

I see what you mean, The plane is facing against the wind but it should be facing with the wind to the right. It seems like some sort of error.

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The toolbar at the bottom of the screen, the information that reads the wind direction, there is an arrow that points to the Right. Does that mean that the wind is blowing in that direction or it’s coming from that direction

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It’s blowing in the direction of the arrow.

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The arrow indicates that the wind is blowing in that direction.

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Okay, so to follow why is my plane yawing in the opposite direction

That, I have no clue. Lol

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@Tyler_Barley, I think what is happening here is that you are flying into the wind. What this does then is that you are opposing the wind direction, as if you’re trying to go towards the direction of the wind. Basically I think that you are going against the crosswinds at the wrong Angle. The wind isn’t necessary the problem, but the direction at which you are going against the wind at. After you turn direction slightly to the right, you should see a drastic difference. Could you try that if possible and get back to us with anything you found?

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@AlphaSeven I didn’t know what he was asking I gave him the answer to what I thought he was asking sorry

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Your plane will always try to point into the wind. Think of a weather vane.

The arrow on the wind indicator at the bottom indicates where the wind is coming from. So you can ask yourself, where is the wind traveling? Answer would be in the direction of the arrow or from the left to the right.


I want to send a screen recording but it says it won’t let me send that type of file

It has to be uploaded to YouTube. Discourse doesn’t support files from your camera roll, unfortunately.

I don’t know why all this stuff is so confusing to me but I just can’t seem to master these crosswind Landings

Just keep practicing, and you will get better over time :)

Have you watched the crosswind landing tutorial?

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Maybe I’m thinking about it too hard but the way I see it if I turn the plane Into The Wind, that means my aileron receiving the most wind disappointed up meaning it will calls more resistance and the one receiving less wind will be down making the plane want to turn into that direction obviously. But if I have wind pushing the error on that’s up isn’t going to want to spin me around faster. Like the more I turn into the Wyndham or the plane will crap until it’s out of control

Yeah I just watched it again I don’t know why but it’s confusing to me

Were you practicing a crosswind landing in the picture you posted in the topic post?

Yeah. I’m doing a flight to every Tower to airport in the Middle East tomorrow and there’s only one airport on my route that doesn’t have ILS

I’m almost a grade 4, so I feel like I should have this kind of stuff down by now