Very Windy day Spotting at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Hello Everyone!
Here’s another Spotting topic from yours truly! As a local spotter, I always try to go to the Airport to spot every once and awhile. I hope you like them, and I came here to see VC-25A, or Air Force One land. It was such an amazing plane, and so shiny too

8am I get up, and get ready to head out to the airport around 9:30am, getting my equipment, spare batteries, gloves, and other stuff ready. A Friend took me to the airport, so once I arrived, I had no ride anywhere if they kick us out. Once I arrive, I snapped my first picture of the day

First picture of the day. A Globemaster C-17

An American Eagle CRJ200 that just landed

A Southwest 737-800 on final

After landing.

An American Eagle CRJ700 taxiing after landing

I love this photo so much! A United Express ERJ145X on final

An American Eagle CRJ200 taxiing to Runway 35

Some Traffic at the Airport

Closeup of this nice looking General Aviation Airplane

During the time I was outside, a person was nice enough to let me ride with him (Local spotter), and then the Police showed up, along with the Secret Service, in which they all searched vehicles, but nothing small like cameras or other equipment, which meant I was not searched

The Same Southwest 737 that landed earlier. This was the last picture I took before they kicked us out

The Londonderry Police Department then came and told us we had to leave and that we needed to go somewhere else to spot, as the parking lot we were at was now off limits. It upset me and the person whom I was with, since this was the best spot to see Air Force One land, taxi, and see Trump disembark from the plane. So we just drove around to other spots

Close up of the C-17 from behind

The wing with the engines

GA Airplanes parked at Signature

Went around the airport to snap this FedEx Boeing 767-300F on the ramp

A UPS 757-200F on the ramp

We decided to head back to a parking lot not far from the Museum, so we can snag a spot before it gets crowded

The fence made photos bad. Here is a Delta Connection CRJ900 landing

Here is a Delta Connection CRJ200 landing right after the CRJ900

An American Airlines Embraer E190 landing in between people

The snow mound made it hard to take photos

A Delta CRJ900 after taking off

A Police helicopter patrolling the Airspace, and also watching us here on the ground Shivers

A Southwest 737 on final

Same Helicopter, but clearer

The crowd has gathered. Some were spotters with LiveATC on

After 1PM (1700Z) hit, the TFR was now in effect, but Departures still happened anyways. And then we heard the Callsign Air Force One, and everyone was now outside to witness Air Force One land. I also happened to be the only one to have a Tripod

AF1 turning base 10 miles out

Air Force One landing

Due to where we were, I couldn’t get good photos since the Fence was blocking the way, and there were people also in the way, as well as buildings. So I didn’t get it when it was landing, as I filmed the landing. My camera also died due to the cold halfway through filming

I went home and then proceeded to remove the SD Card from my camera. I did not know AF1 would depart an hour later, in which I rushed outside, not knowing the SD Card was not in the camera (The warmth of my house seemed to have made the camera work again), and so I took pictures, but they are stored on the Camera itself. I am trying to move them onto my phone, but it doesn’t seem to work. But I was happy I saw Air Force One for the first time!

Thank you all for taking a look at my photos! I hope to go spot again soon!


Amazing photos dude. At first I was confused when I saw the American and southwest livery because I thought you meant plane spotting in Manchester England but then I realized it said Manchester Boston

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I would have to somehow teleport there to plane spot lol. Yeah, Manchester, NH gets mixed up with Manchester, UK a lot, especially the airports lol


Finally managed to get the pictures onto my phone. Here’s VC-25A flying overhead my house!


That’s an awesome photo!

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That’s a new screensaver right there.

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