Very weird glitch/crash

So I was flying from EDDL-LTFM and I was about 3/4ish into my taxi (at LTFM) when it just brought me to the home loading page of IF. After that, I got a option for flight resume, which I was confused was there because my flight (at the time it ended) was on the taxiway (not fitting any of the flight resume criteria), but I clicked it anyway and it spawned me in Bulgarian airspace with 30 mins ETE. The replay also says that app was disconnected for like millions of seconds. Any help here?

Did your game Crash or were you sent straight to the IF menu?

Crash meaning that the IF app closed itself

Just went to the menu I didn’t click end flight or anythjng

That’s the weird part of the story. I’ve never experienced this.

As for the flight resume that’s intended behaviour. In case of an app crash (which is what seemed to have happened to you) you’ll be able to spawn back at your flight’s last save position.

What’s weird is that your app didn’t crash, from what you’re telling me.

Just teleported me to the menu when you open the app

Couple of Questions:

  1. Have you been able to reproduce this in any way this in any way or have any indications as to why this happened?
  2. For that previous flight in Bulgarian airspace with 30 minutes ETA, was that a flight that you had already saved on Flight Resume in the past or was it a completed flight (aka somehow, a flight resume was essentially generated- perhaps this is the last technically available point of Flight Resume since in this new flight there was no time when Flight Resume was available, but I doubt that it would affect a former flight)
  3. What device are you on?
  4. Could you send the replay via

It sounds very much like a bug in connection to the disconnecting server for x amount of secs which is a well established bug reported before the update/hotfix update. Let’s hope it’s not another one lurking!

Best to reproduce the replay as suggested above so that the support team can investigate further.

My wifi and everything was fine, however I was noticing limited messages from ATC before the incident

iPad 4th gen


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This is what it appears to be- screenshot from the replay.

Were you on the 24.1 hotfix or just on the original 24.1?

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Since I had the hotfix update after 24.1 release, I had no issues with the above so far.

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Or this question meant to be for OP? 😂
@CHUNGUSflys ? Have you updated your game with the hotfix after the 24.1 release?
If not, I strongly recommend you to go to store/app store and find IF Simulator game and get that updated.

It may be it is wreaking havoc on the flight resume with the present bug that is evidenced in the replay. Let’s hope it’s not an ongoing issue.

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Yes, I’m on the hotfix

That is not an issue, it’s a feature. 😉
Like @Mathurin_Garcier already said, in case of an app crash, the Flight Resume feature will bring you back to the last save. In this case that was when you were 30 minutes out.

The other issue is a know issue of the replay file getting corrupted

It’s still being investigated.

When the app crashes, a report is sent automatically.
The process of finding and fixing issues that lead to app crashes is ongoing.

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