Very weird bug and app crash

Device:Motorola Edge 40
Operating system:Android 13

Hello, this is my first time i came across this bug at least the first part of it that is. It happened to me today when i landed into DTW. Up until the landing everything was working properly. When i exited the runway my engines started glowing in bright purple/pink. From that on the app performance started deteriorating. Not from a frame rate perspective however when i taxied along the gate area other planes seemed to render very late even though i was very close to them. While i was taxiing a plane literally appeared out of nowhere mere couple meters in front of me. Fortunately i managed to stop in time, when i stoped app crashed. When i restarted the app the flight resume option was available for this flight even though i already landed. The replay was corrupted therefore unplayable. Now the latter part regarding the app crash and corrupted replay im aware of and it happened to me a couple of times, im also aware that the dev team is notified about this issue. The glowing engines i never experienced before. The airport was very busy at the time so that could’ve played a role. My device is very powerful so situations like this shouldn’t be an issue and haven’t been in the past. Problem is almost certainly on the app part. Also on the same flight i experienced a bug not connected to this but it is reoccurring. On final approach about at distance about 6-1nm from the runway the wind is often uncontrollably bugging and changing speed. Usually that resolves itself couple seconds prior to landing and stabilizes, but sometimes it can throw of the ILS glide slope a bit and that could result in a go around which has happened to me. I attached screenshots i took in the actual flight as evidence.

Thank you in advance for looking into this.


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Hhm this is strange because I am also flying the 757 with purple engines but it hasn’t crashed as of yet. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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This was the solution comment in the topic below:

As for:

Perhaps this prior case is similar?:

And for your final issue:

This sounds like normal wind gusts on top of, usually, some steady wind (as shown on your images).

Hi, sorry i unfortunately didn’t get a notification for your response hence im responding back so late. Thank you for answering all my issues comprehensively. Regarding the first one, it didn’t happen to me since. Changing the time of day is probably the solution, however i prefer to fly in current realistic conditions so I’m not really considering it and it has since solved itself anyway so that’s good. The second issue, the replay. It’s a bit more complicated and has been a problem for me for a while now. It’s not that the replay is corrupted in full sense of the word, it’s bugged to describe it better, you can play the entire replay, but it’s not possible to move through the footage on the timeline, whenever you click it, it just starts over the entire footage so the only way you can watch the entire replay (without watching it on normal speed of course) is through the 15s skip button which as you can imagine is almost the same as it being unplayable on long flights. I should also note that even that method sometimes doesn’t work. On some replays with this bug once you get to a certain point of the replay it just cuts of anyway and won’t let you play it past that that, setting you once again back to the start. I’m really most concerned about this one, as it is reoccurring very often and it’s deeply annoying since i can’t rewatch my landing or any part of the flight if it’s a longer flight. With that being said the last one is not bothering me too often but it does happen. As you said most probably it is gusting winds. That is completely understandable but the problem is that the winds are changing really fast, by that i mean by fractions of seconds fast and therefore the autothrottle is basically completely overwhelmed by it. The speed is fluctuating 10-20knots often which happens, obviously, but not in such a manner i would believe. This is of course an issue that can only be addressed by the devs and I’m not sure how high on the list of importance would it be considering that they’re very busy with other stuff and I also wouldn’t consider it too important anyway. Hope this answers it. Thank you again for taking the time

Here is a screenshot form the replay, it is not obvious from what you can see but the timeline is showing that I’m currently at the end of the replay, that is not the case, I’m actually at the very start and wherever on the timeline i click it doest do anything except restart the replay

I was flying LAX-SFO so that’s how you know the footage being shown is actually at the beginning

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Yep i see it’s not limited to me either, thanks for the share!

This replay issue has happened to me a couple of times aswell. Cannot view the replay as the slider does nothing, the only way to skip to a section of the replay is to use the 15 second button

Hi, In addition to @ali_mujeeb and @AndrewGraham reporting the same issue there are prior topics reporting the issue. There are screen shots in the following that look similar to yours:

@Jan I think I read there had previously been a hotfix for some related sounding issue. Any ideas?

You said it doesn’t happen too often. Taking that combined with your description, my first inclination is still that it is normal wind gusts (at least the way the model interprets wind gusts), which I see you kind of agreed with. I also get very rapid changes on occasion, with the throttle also trying to keep up. To be honest, I never thought about it being too rapid.

It is possible though to conceive of such rapid shifts if the air mass is moving at different speeds across your flight path, which may even be constant (though differing with distance flown) speeds, and you are simply flying through those varying lateral winds very quickly.

So, it’s not that the winds are blowing rapidly in different directions, but your speed through the varying “wind terrain” is very fast, making it feel as though the wind is shifting rapidly.

The auttothrottle would be responding in such case, to winds that are somewhere between aligned with your direction of flight and 90 degrees lateral to that.

Hi, thanks again for the detailed response! You really dug deep into real physics in that explanation which i appreciate. You answered it absolutely correctly. I’m aware it’s the current gusts model. I brought that up mainly because the throttle does look very odd during these situations. Flying up and down continuously so fast it’s impossible to even read the N1%. I think what i want to say it’s not that it’s a bug or an unknown issue rather it just looks silly and unrealistic and maybe in the future it could be considered to look at it. That’s all. I mean if it were in a real aircraft the throttle handle would probably fly out of the window with these moves 😂. Not to say it is unrealistic for the AT/T to rapidly respond to wind fluctuations, just within the bounds of what the engines are designed for. I guess you could put it that I’m nit picking so sorry for that! Regarding the replays, yes all instances you mentioned are the same situation as mine. So far i didn’t notice any hotfix to this but maybe it was resolved for other people . Unfortunately not me nor the people in this thread it seems. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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