Very weird approach procedure


Hi everyone,
So my goal is not to blame the person who made my approach, but rather to understand.

Scenario: I ask for an approach on runway 22R at KJFK on approach. I am redirected to the track 13L, so far no problem but as you can see, the controller made me a huge turn at 1000ft and 2NM of the runway … With the MD11 I admit I have not understood why he did this to me, especially since it’s not the most maneuverable plane in the game.

I especially think that it is not realistic to do this kind of approach knowing that it was the server expert.

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What you experienced here is the famous visual approach at KJFK Runway 13L. Planes of all shapes and size, including the A380, follow this routine on a daily basis here in New York.

I’ll link this chart below so you can take a look :)


You want to get in touch with @Ethan_Hansen, he was the controller.

Normally I’d say make this a PM, but it seems more like a general ATC question. Let’s see what he says.


Really?! Wow I’m impressed all right, I learned something today!😂


You are actually pretty lucky to get this approach. Most IFATC would just vector you to the nearest runway. If you want to look at it more it is the famous Canarsie approach into JFK.
A great video of it can be seen here


That one is fun, I was using that this morning as well. Never tried to fly it though, you’re pretty lucky.


Here is a link to what it looks like in real life.
As a JFK spotter, it’s pretty nice when 13L is in use, because we can get some shots with the NYC skyline in the background while the aircraft turns onto final due to this approach. It’s also pretty fun as a passenger.


22R should not be in use while 13L is open at JFK… You got the better approach tbh. As everyone said the famous Canarsie approach to JFK 13L is well known to the aviation community

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Yeah, They should really be using 22L with 13L for landings


I actually posted a thing the other day about all the runway configurations at JFK. 22R isn’t allowed if 13L (or 13R) is used for arrivals/departures. They push way too much tin at JFK to roll like that.


Thanks Guys for all your replie, I apologies for that! I leaned something ;)


You linked the same thing I did…

Was so pleasing to be routed in that way this evening. Just about made it into 13L without crashing!

Wow that so lucky, I’m jealous.


Man! I’ve been wanting to do that approach in like forever… Lol.
You’re so lucky to have gotten that approach. I’ve seen in done on YouTube before and always wanted to do it.
You’re one lucky pilot!


I got the same approach too and I was happy
@Ethan_Hansen did good


Hey Trystan,

You experienced the famous parkway visual. I was operating on that runway due to the strong winds at the time. It also was getting pretty packed on the 22s so I was going to spread the traffic out. It is also one of my favorite approaches to vector people into. The approach does bring you in at 1k and really close to the runway.

IRL they are avoiding residential areas. Sadly some people in this world don’t want to hear airplanes everyday 😞.

I was operating 22L and 13L for the majority of my session. When I took over they were assigned for 22R so I went with it then when they were down I went to my plan.

I’m glad y’all liked that approach! I plan on opening JFK later possibly!


Thanks! I didn’t know before that’s why it was kinda weird to me. My bad if the post offessed you in a way, it’s really not my intention, see you soon in the game! ;)


OH MY GOSH! The one day I didn’t fly and I could’ve showed off all my 13L VOR DME practice! Oh well, it makes me so happy to see pilots having to do this realistic approach in IF 🥳


Something tells me JFK should be featured more often Ethan!