Very very Abnormal speed readings

This is the second time i am having this problem. The problem is whenever i am on final and or if a make a turn during approach, due to wind the speed changes but the thing is speed shows that it can go up or down rapidly. This is a glitch. Cuz i did not see the problem in the replay. I cant monitor my speed on final and it had caused me a go around two times because of this problem. Pls help

Could you perhaps share a video of this happening so we can get a better idea as to what you are experiencing.

it was called windshear it was normal on IF

i recommend you using autothrottle after that disengaged the AP at appropriate time

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Yeah i know. I tried to screen record it in replays but i didnt see it there

Ik but the thing is it shows that the speed can go up or down according to the thrust. But the arrow in the cockpit speed indicator goes up and down insanely according to to how much thrust i am giving

I experienced this once when i was on final at jfk and yesterday when i was turning base and onto final at CYYZ

still normal on IF

I recommend you use to plan your flight

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I guess its not normal. The speed indicator is insane like the speed indicator has gone mad or something. I know the speed can change when wind direction and speed changes but i am talking about speed indicator where it shows that the speed will go up or down according to the thrust i give it. If this is normal well it shouldn’t be, cuz if i am approaching a very busy IFATC active airport and they say me to maintain a certain speed. I cant bcz i dont how fast the speed is going up or down and they will report me. And when i appeal it they will say there were no such thing in your replays

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replays don’t save data of your winds

did they report you?

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No they did not but i am saying in a case like this if i am at an active airport

It’s completely normal even in real-life aviation! Maybe not so drastically but it is! And if you have an issue with speed readings just use the GS indicator as a reference so you know where you should be at certain times!

I’ve been on approach at many busy airports and they gave me speed instructions at 180 and I have been surpassing this by ± 5-3 KTS so I wouldn’t see this as a problem!

Ok I clearly see this sometimes when I reach very windy airports.

It usually happens 5nm out from the airport and you gain 20kts in a split second and then lose 20kts again.

Probably this is how Infinite Flight models windshears with their weather engine and it is completely normal, however, if your experience this maybe go-around just like IRL

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Here is a video of a landing is a very windy Bergen, and I think you can see what happens from:
4 minutes 20seconds it happens
It usually is the winds that a strong


Tbh, I see an issue with how IF renders gusty winds on approach lately. It used to be a bit better. It now is a bit too extreme and quite far from reality and I hope it could be addressed in a future update.

The weather has become better in other aspects, so let us hope!

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Simply as others have said in the posts in this thread, it is due to gust winds or shear winds causing the throttle to go wild. Just keep on constant eye on the ground speed and adjust accordingly.
And it is NORMAL to expect those things when there’s high winds involved.

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Nah nah mate. Its 100000000000000000000 times worse. Its not about the speed. Its about the speed indicator glitch. It goes sooo wild that u cant see it 3rd digit. Its WAYYYYYYYYY WORSE

Its common for this to happen especially on Windy and Gusty days. When its very Gusty and there is alot of Shear in the area the IAS will go bonkers and that is completly normal. Pilots usually add or takeaway from their approach speeds sometimes in order to compensate for the wind due to it being so strong that way they are able to the right VAPP and VREF. I wouldnt stress it to much as every flight simulator in the world has this happen from the PC ones to our own Infinite Flight. It takes practice to land with Gusty conditions with the PFD going crazy but obviously its not rocket science and is pretty easy to get :)

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I know exactly what you are talking about, and it’s caused by gusts. It’s happened many times and it difficult to see what speed you are maintaining and it is what it is and that’s also how it happens in real life.

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Turbulent and stong winds can cause speed indicators to lose control and go everywhere. No glitch happening