Very Upsetting Infinite Flight

Can you take a screenshot about the receipt? Maybe it could help us to solve the problem

ok. One question. Does the 30 day thing also have ATC?

Yup, ATC included

yep and dw if it doesn’t work for you you can claim a refund

Ok, i Think i fixed it thanks to u guys :D but how do I get to ATC?


instead of fly online choose air traffic control

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You should play on Free Flight first (There’s no ATC there. just Unicom) Once you completed the requirements, You could play on ATC Playground and you Can be an ATC.

If you already meet all the requirements for ATC Playground, Choose “Air Traffic Control” Button on main menu. Like @Thomas_Oehrling said

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ohh thanks

how do I do Unicom?

sorry i am new xD

what do you mean “do unicom”

Unicom is?

Unicom is the frequency you talk to when there isnt an active ATC. This means the other planes know what you are doing.

Unicom is a Virtual ATC. Though you won’t get any reply like ATC do. It just Used to announce your position (Pushback, Taxiing, Take Off, Landing, Etc) to another players

It’s still exist on ATC Playground server, when there’s no ATC available


I don’t want to be the tower. I want to be a prson who can CONTACT tower. whilst in the airplane

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Then just click online and fly. You’ll contact tower, when time needs. I recommend you read some #tutorials to make yourself more comfortable.



thanks for info


Look mate the problems with connectivity are probably related to your internet connection more than anything.

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There aren’t going to be anymore

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We know you are disappointed and know that you’re angry.

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I understand you feel bad about IF in this case, but please next time try to make a more polite post when you explain what you have experienced without CAPS and BOLD text to let us understanding your problem and know how we can help you.

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