Very Upsetting Infinite Flight

I am very upset right now. I JUST bought Infinite Flight Live for 30 days. It is not responding at all. I am very very very disappointed. I am very upset about this. I have the receipt of the order. I do not like this at all. It does not respond AT ALL! I try to connect to an server. IT DOESN’T LET ME! I am very disappointed. I thought that this was very good. I was looking forward to getting live. but no! apparently this happened!!! Ok, so I try to connect. It said “failed to connect, try refreshing this app, if that does not work, contact service support” I am not happy at all. PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO SAY “WHY DID U BUY THIS APP THAN?!” Be quiet and please go away. Stop commenting these stupid things. Have common sense. I bought this app for a reason. I saw this app in January. I wanted it. I bought it. I bought live today. and now, I am very disappointed. Now, I go on “FLY ONLINE” ok? It is stuck on ‘CONNECTING’ then , once it comes up. SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE OR FACEBOOK! I AM ALREADY SIGNED IN WITH GOOGLE OR FACEBOOK!! I just want to play! THIS IS VERY DISAPPOINTING. I BOUGHT THIS APP FOR 5 BUCKS. THEN LIVE FOR 5 BUCKS. 10 BUCKS IN ALL. I want this fixed. i am not demanding but I want this fixed before 30 days. If not, I want my money back for live. My only demand is to fix this. and if you cannot fix it within 30 days. my demand is I want my money back.



how did you pay for live without signing in? ??? lol plus 10 “bucks” isnt a lot i spend about 50 “bucks” a year.

If you bought the app on the play store, you already have a google account, so sign in with that. You must sign in with one of those methods to access live.

I signed in and then paid. common sense? Then, it logs me out.

Google Play store. I bought it there I signed in with THAT account I bought it with.

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Chill man!!! This can be fixed. You don’t have to write a novel.


no need to be rude. it takes time to connect because your wifi is crap


Ok, first of all 10 bucks is a lot for me. Unlike you. I ACTUALLY CARE FOR MY MONEY


i will flag this post in a minute you need to change your tone, we are trying to help

My tone is perfectly fine sir. But my problem is. I bought live. I want it fixed.

So you are signed in within the app but it continues to say ‘connecting…’?

well if you haven’t used it yet you are entitled to a refund? yes?

he says he doesn’t want to sign in with google or Facebook

yea. I am signed in to my google account I paid with. But it keeps saying connecting

No, I am signed in with google/facebook. It is stuck on connecting. and sometimes, it says Sign back in?

you said this

oh lol typo. I was just upset xD

Did you restarting your device? Just to rule out anything being hung up.

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yes. I also have cleared all the tabs.

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redownload the app?

no point being angry :) we honestly just want you to join the community and have fun