Very unprofessional flying at experts

Hey all, this is kind of an add on to what @virginatlantic28 said. Today at Klax there was a person who seemed to not know what pretty much anything was. I don’t know how he managed to get to experts server but his behavior was absolutely ridiculous. First of all that person randomly decided to push back without any atc permission.

As you can see his engines are clearly off. Thankfully he got reported by the controller and I just continued doing what I was doing. But guess what? He came back and this time when I was lining up on the runway, this guy went on the opposite side and started taking off. He almost crashed right into me but missed and then immediately got reported again.

I just wanted to say that the current system of leveling up is not exactly perfect because it is extremely easy to get to grade three and I bet this man didn’t even use atc before. I say that 60 hours of flying isn’t enough for experts because all you have to do is fly a couple of long haul flights. I hope that IF will see this because this is getting out of hand.


See @DeerCrusher’s reply.

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How do you expect a bunch of teenagers to care about what is professional or not in their favourite daily relief?


Already addressed.