Visibility is less than half a kilometer here at the “Home of Santa Claus” in Rovaniemi! Practice some hard visibility landings!


I am doing circuits on Training Server at EFRO

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If it weren’t past 2am in Germany I’d see if @Swiss woulda wanted to do some recording for YouTube. I know how much he loves dangerous flying conditions.


This wasn’t really him. Lol


I’m coming there right now.

dumb question…
Is that some type of loading map error?
i thought fog or “weather “ conditions were left behind in the old version before global

I don’t believe it is an issue. It wasn’t taken out to my knowledge. It uses real world weather and adds it into the game!

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I got kinda cocky at the end and landed without any gears lol

i haven’t seen fog until now…like KLAX or KSAN used to be pretty foggy.
kinda hard to taxi without taxi lights though

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Speaks really fast I’m going there right now!

Were you the guy that took off from the spawn point?

Swiss001 is gone lol

Yeah… when its completely foggy, I can barely see where I am going. Plus I don’t even know if there is a guy in front of me or anywhere.

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Headed there now to catch some of that low visablity.

yep also you don’t even know where the runway is.

yes, klax and ksan used to be foggy. Those places were fixed, but the ones with real fog were kept the same.

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yeah i have seen it its so pitch white

I think they should add the lights of the plane to be extended to see far instead of displayed on the plane for nothing.

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No I wasn’t that guy

Testing my IFR skills to the top level! By the way, hey there other Nate!

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