Very surprising news for me

If anyone looks on FR24 playback, Flightaware, etc at KDVN, this afternoon at 1500 CDT, that looping route of N544CA from DVN, east, southwest, north, then southeast back to land on 21…

That was my wife giving me the 20th wedding anniversary present of a half hour intro ride with the only company doing flight instruction here in the Quad Cities. And we’re discussing how to budget for the PPL hours and lessons about six months from now when they’ll have a slot open.

Phew! Dreamed about this for a looong time!

She is seriously amazing and I so love her


That is great! I wish I could like this but I have ran out of likes for the day!


that’s epic! For my 40th Birthday, my wife bought me 1hr sim time in the Emirates Flight sim in London and got to “land” take off, fly a circuit and land A380 and B777.


Great flight! Happy anniversary @zentiggr 🎉


That sounds pretty epic as well.

A multi engine simulator has got to be about as fun to fly as a Piper, in it’s own way!

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