Very strong turbulence over western UK

Is anyone else experiencing ~130kt winds over Wales and Western England? I’m currently on a BA A380 and my plane is being tossed around like a kite. I’ve also had to end a flight on a VA A330 earlier today because of these winds

For the most part, this is perfectly normal as a result of the North Atlantic jet stream. I’ve never had my autopilot disconnect on me under any normal circumstances, so you should be perfectly fine.

You should’ve seen the winds over the northern US yesterday. Well over 200kts and flights from LAX to JFK were under 4 hours


This doesn’t seem normal, as my aircraft has gone from FL380 to FL290 in 20 minutes. My speed won’t go over 170kt too. ETA is saying 18 hours to JFK from LHR

In this case, it’s quite likely that you’re either flying too slowly or too high, basically, such that you’re not able to maintain the airspeed that you’ll need.

What’s the load and cruise speed at the time of this occurring?

Mother Nature is doing some very weird/scary stuff this December. I canceled a flight on my 739 from ATL-SEA because we would hit a 156 kt crosswind over the midwest 🤦🏾‍♂️

My load is 77%, 494,622kg. I’m currently at 165kts
, however my planned cruise speed is 0.89

I’m thinking of flying the other way, from maybe Houston or Miami to take advantage of this wind. Need the flying time to get back into the expert server

If you check you can be aware on high winds or jet stream. Best advise is stay low altitude, the more you ascend on higher altitude, the more increase of wind.

Woah, didn’t realise that. I checked Windy a few minutes ago and UK was all blue. How did you find that?

I take it that you intended to cruise at FL390. If that’s the case, then you’re way too high for the load that you have at the moment. Consider dropping to a lower altitude, maybe FL330 or FL350. You’re going to need to burn off a lot of fuel before attempting to climb up to those altitudes.

you can change the altitude from Sea Level to your plan altitude. i Just set the altitude of FL340

Thank you. Right now the wind (and some stalling) has pushed me down to FL280. Once I’m out of this wind I’ll ascend to 350.

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As well as that, you’ll want to maintain a lower cruise speed. The A380-800 has a normal cruise speed of M0.84, and rarely exceed M0.87 in the most extreme circumstances.

Looks like these strong winds stretch the entire Atlantic. Going to fly MIA-LHR now, which’ll probably only take 6 hours lmao

UPDATE: Trans-Pacific looks good tomorrow, 1300Z. Right from East Asia all the way down to California there are great tailwinds, which match the usual routes. Myself I’ll be flying PDG-YVR or HND-JFK.

I can confirm to you a storm is going off in the UK today. The wind is horrendous irl. How British.

Anywho back to my cuppa tea ☕

FL350 - 170knots so far by now in Japan.

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