Very strange bug

Hello, I don’t know what happened to my IF, but I found a very strangely bug. If I want to control in Advanced Server, I come in, but then nothing happens anymore.
It is only on Advanced Server, PG is working as well.
Flying works also, it is just the controlling, I hope this picture explains more.

iOS 9.2.1
iPhone 6
Newest IF versionimage

You have to be tested to control on the advanced server.

You can’t control on the Advanced Server, unless your part of IFATC

I am part of IFATC guys. Specialist.


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Btw, its a duplicate.

Oh thanks, but I didn’t See this topic. And, in the comments they said, if I don’t See the weather bar, I’m not connected, but I See the weather bar. And I think I am connected.