Very strange app crash


I was just flying from Taipei to Hong Kong. I am not just reporting an ordinary game crash, as this one was particularly weird, and I will try to explain it as best as I can.

I was just a few minutes away from TOD, and center ATC told me to proceed on course as my destination airport wasn’t in its coverage. I just sent the acknowledged message, when I received another message from ATC, that was just blank for some reason. I then pressed the “reply” button to this blank ATC message, and all of a sudden a weird buzzing sound appeared in the game and it immediately closed.
Could someone please explain why this blank ATC message was sent, and how it lead to my game crashing?

Device Specs:
Device: iPad Pro 11inch, 4th gen
IOS: 17.1.1



Sorry to hear about this. Crashes suck for sure…
The root cause here would be the empty message and you replying to it.

It’s hard to say why or what that empty message was exactly. However, you attempting to replying to that message lead to the crash. Not saying you had any option here, not at all. Just to clarify;

You received an empty message and try to reply to that, the problem for the app here is that it doesn’t know what to do with that empty message. So it crashes because we’re not handling those kind of events properly, since they shouldn’t even happen to begin with.


Okay I understand, thanks a lot!