Very Special Spotting - Qatar Inaugural - Seattle Tacoma Int'l

Hello, IFC!

Today was a very special day for all Seattle avgeeks, as it was the first ever commercial flight to Seattle with Qatar Airways! The airline used their 777-300ER for their 15 hour inaugural flight, and will start using A350-900s after the first of March.

Here are my pictures from this special event!

First up was a cute little Fedex Feeder

Up next, we have this nice beacon shot of an Alaskan 737!

Some more 737 action!

Next up, we had this routine flight from Asiana Airlines with their beautiful A350!

This underexposed Desert Gold 737 in front of a mighty rain cloud that made me smile as I saw all the other spotters try to get pics from under their shirts, while I got my camera wet because I had gotten the water resistant edition, which I highly recommend for spotters in the PNW!

Last but definitely not least, the highlight of my week. The majestic yet powerful Qatar 777-300ER landing on it’s inaugural flight from Doha to Seattle!

There will be a part 2, rest assured :)

I would like to give a special shoutout to the people with which I spotted!

SeaTac Spotting
And many more that I don’t unfortunately know the Instagram to…

I really hope you enjoyed these, as I now have to work tomorrow to catch up the morning I went spotting

Expect a part 2 soon!

Have a great day!

Thank You!



Cool photos! Those clouds are niceee. They must be pretty rare in Seattle ;)

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Me scrolling down quickly to see the Qatar Airways aircraft on the first shot…yep, looks very Qatari like…

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I love all those pictures! I cannot stop looking at that last one, just the color and vapor makes it look so good. And same with the beacon shot of AS737. Keep it up @Robertine

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Thats the thing

I always put the thing you’re waiting for at the end, so you end up passing by the like and reply buttons ;)


Thank you so much! It was definitely beautiful!

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This is not suitable for the forum. The planes are clearly vaping you egg.


This one is just fantastic


I am sorry, your highness.

Thank you so much! It means the world to me!

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That Alaska 737 with the beacon is awesome! And you gotta love the Desert Gold 737 even though it’s underexposed.

Great photos overall!


We don’t get vaping planes here… or at least I’ve never been lucky enough to see them

Those are killer shots though

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Thank you so much!

Also i got this shot of a birb

and his army


the scavengers

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nice photos and is very cool to see qatar landing there! also whats the purpose of FedEx using such a small cessna as cargo???

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It’s for cargo in the islands in the Puget Sound.

Small airports such as Tacoma Narrows don’t have a bridge connecting them to land, meaning that Fedex either uses boats or small planes…

In this case; planes

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@DeltaFox They also use them on YYJ - YVR. It serves getting cargo from Vancouver Island to Vancouver where I assume it’s then put onto larger jets.


I see the lovely Seattle weather came in clutch.

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The fun thing is that 7 mins later it cleared up now it’s blue skies

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That moment when you post 12 pictures