Very Smooth A320 Landing - Live!

i think this is a perfect approach with a very nice landing!


160 knots with the A320? He was never really established on the ILS (mostly loc) and nor did he account for the ground physics as he kind of “bounced” when landing as some call it here.


Don’t land at 75% load…

Your nose gear slammed down pretty hard, and the centerline was okay I guess. 6/10 for that landing.

Not bad, but neither perfect my friend…
You weren’t aligned with the runway on short final, unrealistic pitch attitude for an Airbus on approach, early flare.

Sadly it’s kind of a bug caused by the speed brakes deployment. It doesn’t affect all aircraft though.

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True -.- If you don’t arm the spoilers and deploy them manually it won’t slam down. I hate to use spoilers that way though…

The exit runway command was a bit early.

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i think that’s not fair actually the landing was great i mean it hard sometimes to decent the nose perfect every time :)

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i thought the same haha

why not…

That flare was very quick meaning you tilted very fast and the flare was too early

Because 75% load is over-weight for landing

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Because it’s unrealistic and unsafe… A plane would never land with that much fuel…

maybe it is :)

Besides the point.

Planes have a maximum weight that they are certified to land at. The yellow 75% shows that you (Or whoever is flying) is landing above that weight.

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what about a plane has to get loaded with passengers and fuel and then heads to another airport to pickup more passengers and then fly to the destination - then it must be at that weight, don’t you think?

okay, thanks for telling me :)

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I get your point, but there is one small problem.

In IF there is no real fuel burn so once you set the fuel, it just stays like that, nothing get’s consumed.

But IRL, once the Aircarft comes into land, nearly all there fuel is consumed thus landing below the max landing weight.

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it requries a lot of skills and you have to know the plane 100% before making that perfect landing :)

thx :) i’m working on my skills :D