Very Slight Runway Inaccuracy @ KRAL

How it looks in IF

Apple Maps satellite view

The runway looks uneven; at least in real life there’s a shoulder, it disappears, then reappears. In IF, BAM, runway crossing, widened runway. What’s up with that?


Thanks for the report. I’ll check this out.

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Forgive me, but what exactly are you pointing out? This is how the runway and the shoulder is, in real life. :)

if you look in the distance in the picture of IF, you can see runway 16 is widened after the point where the 2 runways cross.

Yes I see that. That’s how it is in real life if you look at the satellite imagery.

Could you point it out, i dont see how it is like that.

May be a bit hard to see, but the red line on the bottom is slightly shorter than the one on top. The bottom half of the runway has a smaller width than the one on top after the crossing.

The airport does need some improvements, so I’ll let the editors know about this nonetheless.


ah yes i see it, but in IF its unrealistically expands

Yes, it doesn’t look as subtle as it is in the real world.

I’ll have a look at it tomorrow. Perhaps this will include remodel the airport. Thanks for reporting the issue :)

I have checked the airport and I didn’t see the issue you reported (perhaps the airport it’s not rendering correctly), but the airport itself needed several renovations.





Thanks to all the airport editors you guys do excellent work and I think I speak for everyone when I say you guys are appreciated :)

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You’re welcome. Always glad to contribute ;)


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