Very recent posts show as 1h old

I just made a post on a topic, and instead of saying 1m, it says 1h. I did not post it an hour ago, I posted it less than a minute ago. Why is this?

Proof that it was 1 minute ago is under the right side slider, it says “1m ago”, but the post says 1h.

It is doing the same on this topic

It’s showing up correctly for me.

Your showing 1 min for me.

For me it shows 1 minute

Thinking it may have something to do with daylight savings perhaps. Is your clock adjusted properly? Should do it on its own though.

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All of your posts are showing up as 1 hour old for me

I think it just adjusted a few minutes ago, 20 minutes ago it was 2:30 and it now shows as 3:50. Guess that’s it

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Try exiting and re-entering the app or website and restarting the page.

Can you try adjusting your timezone? See if that works.

Posts are still showing as 1 hour old

Hmmm, interesting. What are your replies showing as, for example the one above this?

It showed me as Pointe Au Pierre, and I changed it to America New York (closest timezone city)b but posts still show 1h

still shows posts as 1h old

Hmm, okay. Give me a bit. I remember seeing something about this on Discourse Meta.

Can anyone reproduce this issue? On my end it is showing all my recent post times as equal to what they are.

Maybe I will forever live an hour in the future lol


This isn’t just a problem with discourse, it is everywhere including discord and google, so perhaps it is with my computer

So I have changed my time and date settings, my computer now shows as 3:10 which is correct, however the posts still show as 1h old

Okay. I’ve tried reproducing the issue on my Mac by changing the time to 1 hour ahead of the timezone I’m in. When I did this, I had the same issue as you, posts are showing as 1 hour old. You might want to try checking your date and time settings and adjusting it accordingly.

Yeah I did that in the post above

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