Very rare close encounter

I was flying to Jakarta from Manila on Expert Server with a Philippine Airline A321. This area of the world isn’t quite popular especially when there is an FNF goin on. But then I saw an Air New Zealand 777 from Dubai heading to Auckland. Now I thought it would be cool if we intersect but I thought that would never happen. That was my mistake, the photos prove it, too lazy to edit so don’t expect amazing photos. Not like I post amazing photos every time

That weird thing in the middle is me

I think by this photo shows how huge a 777 is compared to an A321. Just compare it with the first photo…
Full shot of the close encounter
Cool tail livery btw
People saw this in their windows and 50% of them fainted

What did I learn from this?

Go dangerously close to planes and get epic shots!!!

I recommend airline pilots to also do this.

This is extremely rare in my opinion because:

  1. Nobody flies here especially during FNF

  2. Literally very different route from each other

  3. Are you still not convinced… argh


Nice shots man!

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nice pics bro I love the first one


Aw3ome Job! I love close encounters, had one on a real life flight with AA

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I had one in RL as well we flew under an A380 from Dubai. I can’t even look at the pictures. They won’t load. Stupid iPad lol

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