(very professional) escorting an A319 in an F-18 to TNCM

So I was bored and I joined @CHUNGUSflys on their mission to fly to every country with a Subway.

This leg flew from Charlotte Douglas (KCLT) to Princess Juliana (TNCM).

Cool information

Server: Expert
Aircraft: F/A-18E Super Hornet
Callsign: D-ARIA
Cruise Altitude: FL350 - FL370.

Taking off to intercept the aircraft, cleared to engage if they don’t cooperate.

Approaching said aircraft, TCAS going crazyy

Passengers terrified at the sight of this.

Finally arrived and parked at TNCM. Yes, at the passenger terminal in an F-18.
Very realistic I know.


Bro nahh you made me lose my job, parents, siblings, house, children, wife, my pet orangutan, and heck even my secret cheez-it’s supply all because of this 😭😭😭

In all seriousness I had so much fun I really appreciate you joining