Very poor graphics on iPad pro?

Hello fellow aviators,
I just upgraded to the iPad Pro as my university recalled the iPad Minis. One of the things I was most looking forward to with the Pro is the ability to play IF on a much larger screen, but I am very disappointed by how poor the graphics look. The airplane liveries (I used VX A320 and KL 747) look very blurred. The scenery looks fine, the water looks fine, the HUD and controls look fine, but the cockpits and outside textures are very blurry. I tried tweaking the settings but to no avail.

This leaves me wondering, is IF not supported on the iPad Pro (12.9in.) or is there something else wrong that I am not aware of?

Any tips would be tremendously appreciated!

Exit the in game bit, go to the menu and change the settings there. You can’t change some of them whilst in the game.


If you’ve recently installed the app, the graphics would be at optimal settings for performance so that’s probably why the graphics aren’t up to scratch :)

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Press on Solo
  3. Go to settings > Graphics and set them to your likings :)

@Brandon_K He has to choose either Fly Solo or Fly online, otherwise the settings option won’t show up in the top left corner!

Not 12.9, but 9.7



Decent graphics here on the 9.7 with the above settings. Hope you get the same results!


You guys are thee best! I never noticed the settings menu in the Fly Solo/Online modes. I was only looking at the settings when I was in-game. It looks back to normal now.

Thank you very much to your contributions,

EDIT: It doesn’t just look normal now, it looks SPECTACULAR on this much larger screen!

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