Very odd message

So guys, this happened last night when I was cruising. Any ideas? image


Wow, looks quite odd. Probably a photo-shoot though.

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Misha was just testing a system wide message during the JFK flash flight. Nothing to worry about.


That and you don’t taxi with strobes on :)

3 lessons here…

  1. We dont taxi with strobes on.

  2. That’s not a NOTAM, it’s an ATC broadcast.

  3. Tune out of tower freq when you are either a) told to or b) leave their airspace.


It was a message by Misha to the entire server because of the Flash Flight at KJFK yesterday.

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Yup, I had it as well over the Atlantic

We should see thjs message more and more at TS and ES.

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And wow have a winner!!!

  1. There was no tower frequency connected on…do check the “broadcast” screenshot.

I saw somewhere that your only supposed to have strobes on during flight and while on the active runway I dont know if that would play a role in that message?

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Nah bro…I was cruising at FL390. As they said, it was just a mod testing the messages.

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Weird maybe they were testing for some new system for events so the lead pilot could call out instructions to the other pilots. However I have never witnessed these messages on any of the three servers.

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Well, if it isn’t the Unicorn broadcasting useful information to all pilots ;)


That’s not odd at all haha