Very Nice Footage of Takeoff Procedure, Radio Comms and Operation of Cessna Citation C501SP

Video copyright by Guido Warnecke.

This footage shows takeoff from KFRG and approach and landing to KBRG with convenient chart and instrument overlays to highlight specific events within the flight. I thought this was interesting and informative enough to share with you all. Hope you like it.


Guido has some of the best GoPro footage for aviation on the net. I highly recommend watching his YouTube videos if you want to learn more about ATC communications and aircraft procedures. He is also very good about answering nearly every comment he gets in his YouTube videos so if have a question leave a comment and he will likely respond.


Great video! Thanks for posting it.

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I went and looked… that guy has some awesome videos on youtube.


It’s definitely worth checking out! I can spend a whole weekend watching his videos and get loads of information out of them.


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