Very Low Visibility Landing at Eugene

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The other day I took the newly released E175 in the Alaska Horizon livery up from Los Angeles to Eugene. Turns out i was in for a surprise when i got on final, and that (Incase you didnt see the title) was low visibility. Besides that, nothing noteworthy to add other than this one user I always see around Oregon every week spawned in.



Aircraft: E175, Alaska Horizon Livery
Server: Expert
Cruise Altitude: 34,000ft
Cruise Speed: Mach .77


1| Chilling at the gate still wondering where I’m going to go

2| Taking off from 25R, while another E175 (@Zheng_Dai) is on short final for 25L

3| Another view of takeoff, with a Delta E175 (@Esam_Khaled) taking off from 24L

4| An hour later, I’m passing by Mt. McLaughlin and Fourmile Lake

5| Crater Lake off in the distance on the left

6| The visibility was a bit foggy seeming, but not to bad. Oh boy was i wrong…. Because the visibility was about to drop immensely…

7| I touchdown on 34L, with extremely low visibility.

8| Arrived at the gate with Scooter 916AK sort of visible in the background


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Currently a cold front pushing into the valley! High wind shear in the Cascades!

There’s definitely a change from the summer-like weather in October! I even got some rain!

Indeed even on the East side!

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