Very low visibility bug lax

when i came to land at lax in expert server i notice the visibility was change until i came for land it became very low visibility

plz fix this

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Its actually happening IRL. The visibility is really bad and caused multiple aircraft to be put in a holding pattern or diversion.

Although the fog inside the cockpit is a minor bug the devs are on.

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There is currently high levels of fog in the area in real life, and since IF uses real life weather data, thats why its such low visibility

Know issue that devs are working on, the 20.2 hotfix will fix it

Pretty sure @schyllberg talked about this in other similar topic (Sorry for tag you Schyllberg)

Thank you.

Is KLAX still foggy? Also it is not a bug its real weather like VIDP for an example there is really thick fog there .

@Captainflight: You can view the METAR. An hour and a half ago the visibility was 1.6 kilometres, so I would say it has improved since,

Known issue with fog in the cockpit