Very low speeds

Please don’t be going 130 knots when you’re like 20nm away from the touchdown zone. Just had to go around thanks to a certain BAVA user doing just that! This post isn’t to name and shame, it’s to address a huge problem that should be punishable!

Please contact the user or contact a BAVA representative. Their primary point of contact is @Darragh_ODonoghue. No need to talk about it in public.


This wasn’t to name and shame, it was to put across the point that people shouldn’t do this as many others have been doing so

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Was the user flying ga or a light aircraft? If so, a speed of 130 knots is definitely not too slow

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A 737-800! So annoying!

Without ATC flying too slow is never reportable. With ATC tower can issue a maintain fastest practical speed instruction.

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Nothing you can really do but try your best to maintain a safe separation. You can utilize 360s to help separate as well.

Punishable? Nah…

When landing, an aircraft lower than you has the right of way, as long as they don’t deliberately go below you to cut you off with the intention of trying to win the right of way.

It’s up to the aircraft behind (and ATC) to maintain separation.
ATC can also sometimes say “reduce to final approach speed” or “maintain slowest practical speed” quite far out on a straight-in approach.

At most it’s slightly annoying, but a go-around is always an option if you as a pilot feel that separation can’t be maintained.

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Excuse me but I’m a bit confused at the point of this post… You say it should be punishable but don’t want to go to the BAVA liason… Next time just go to the pilot and ask him why he was going that slow (if s/he is in the IFC)… If not go to VA staff, its just a go around aircraft do them a lot! Remember its a sim! We are at the end of the day here to have fun!
Happy Flying :D


Like I said, this post isn’t to name and shame. The BAVA part isn’t relevant, my bad. This is just to address a big problem

You do have a good point, however I don’t see this being a problem in “empty airspaces” as the slow aircraft had right of way. If ATC were active, instructions to maintain best forward speed could’ve been given. Here is a tutorial for a basic ILS approach in an airliner that should help with speeds on final:

You were approaching Queen’s town? Like 1 hour ago?
If yes please PM me.