Very low FPS on high end Samsung tablet


I’ve recently been noticing something on my device what haunts me quite a bit, next to it frustrating me

I’m using a Samsung tablet, the S7+ with 128GB of storage, of which by now just half has been used.

Infinite Flight used to run fine, extremely well even.
But, for a while now, I’ve been experiencing frame rates of about 15 FPS, not constantly, as using the exterior views boosts the FPS back to 50.
Next to that, neither disabling anti-aliasing nor lowering the FPS helps.

Reason I look for support is that the S7+ is one of the fastest and most reliable tablets out there when it comes to gaming. And as said before, IF used to run just perfectly.
Not to forget, a topic right here on the ifc presented the device able to operate just fine on high graphics setting with 60fps!

I’m so hoping someone could help!

I included three pictures, one of the interior and one of the exterior FPS and one showing my setting.

Thanks a lot! :-)))


Have you ever tried sticking to 30 FPS and seen if that was smoother?

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I recommend turning off Anti-Aliasing and setting your frame rate limit to 30fps. Even if your device is very powerful, changing these settings will make the game run smoother than if you use all the high settings. It also doesn’t make a very big difference, 30fps is quite good for a flight simulator.

Some reason, you device should be able to handle it, it even says it in the note section as well.

Try restarting your device before doing flights, it should probably help make it more smooth.

Also set all your graphics settings to low during cruise in order to save battery and potentially storage. A good idea is also to delete all the replays you don’t care about/need, as these take up space on your device. A 11-13 hour flight can use up to 70MB.

And yes, this is accurate as well. It’s also a good idea to clear the scenery cache before every flight.

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Hey! I have in fact tried this, and unfortunately doesn’t help either!

Precisely what caused me to open this topic, it should all run fine, and it did for quite a long time. Regarding the restarting suggestion you gave, I’ll try that, hoping it works!


I have even tried setting everything to low, the what I call “potato settings”, doesn’t make a difference either :(

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Then I think it’s most likely your device that has a problem. Are you downloading any large files or do you have a lot of photos stored on your device? You should be able to delete some files that are taking up space in your device settings, although I don’t know how this works on Samsung. Also, as I said, be sure to delete any replays that are not important or you do not think you’ll be using in the future.

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Turn anti aliasing off, and reduce rendering quality to medium/low.

Hey there! I’m using the Tab S7+ too and I found that Samsung (or android in general) makes pretty aggressive use of thermal throttling. However on the 30 fps setting with everything else set to high or very high it runs fine for me. If that also doesn’t work it is most probably an issue with your device unfortunately. Hope you find a way to solve this issue.

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Oh Ok, Does you device heat up? Could be another reason.

It does, just not to levels where it overheats

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Oh Ok, Well sorry I couldn’t do anything. Hopefully the problem gets fixed by itself. See you in the skies soon. If you ever want to fly with somebody, send me a dm. There always open 😉

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That’s okay, thanks for your help anyways :-)))

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Well problem is depends in Samsung, not in optimizing of IF.

problem is in game optimizing service from samsung, they start “optimize” your games, and make them lagging and stuttering.

when u disable that Red marked apps, u will see how fast ur Samsung in games.

You think you’ve got low FPS? ;-;

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