Very long trip back home HPN to DFW via ORD a n d DSM

Sooo as I was checking in at HPN, the desk agent luckily informed me that I was on standby for my ORD-DFW flight and didn’t have a seat since there were so many cancellations. After looking at flights through Tue. She found one that I could take that day but it would require two stops. I gladly said yes to flying on 2 crj 700s and a ERJ 175.
Hope you like ;)

AA3226 CRJ700 N744SK


Departure over the w i d e Hudson river

My plane parked at ORD

I made my .5 mile walk from that gate to L24 in about 5 minutes and was kinda tired but got a 8$ grilled cheese at the Starbucks

AA4154 ERJ175 N241NN

Was seated in 10A (MCE) and it was very spacious

The 55 minute flight surprisingly got a full service and we soon landed into DSM
I fell asleep bc I was literally that tired. (Keep in mind I still had another flight lol)

And so I ate absolutely nothing at DSM and was very tired since I was flying by myself and had 5$ left lol

DSM-DFW (Finally!)
AA3083 CRJ700 N751SK
Boarded and sat in 5A (MCE also)

Got a service again (I drank like 3 sprites that day)

Finally landed in DFW 30 mins early but then had to wait for our gate so were delayed like 10 minutes

By the time we landed I was just extremely tired and soo that’s why I didn’t post on like monday or something. Hope you liked them :)


that always happens to me on planes


I think that’s what got me through my 10 hour travel time lol. I got to the airport at 11 and got home at 10 pm (-1 hour so more like 12 or smth)

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