Very last Virgin Atlantic flight to Austin

The very last Virgin Atlantic flight from London Heathrow to Austin, Texas

“We’ve adored flying our customers to Austin and experiencing this wonderful city of music and culture, but demand in the Tech sector is not set to improve in the near term, with corporate demand at 70% of 2019 levels,” said Juha Jarvinen, chief commercial officer for Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic has announced on January 7, 2024 they will stop flying from London Heathrow to Austin, Texas Virgin Atlantic currently operate the Boeing 787 dream liner on this route




Terminal 3 gates assignment,

Terminal 3 gates 318 @Kyle_stout
Terminal 3 gates 320
Terminal 3 gates 322
Terminal 3 gates 364

Austin terminal

2A @Kyle_stout


Unfortunately, only three people can join due to the lack of Gage at Austin

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When did i sign up? I cant go because ill actully be hosting my fly out. if you move the date to the 13 of january i can attend!

Wouldn’t this be better as a group flight in the IF discord server rather than an event due to the lack of gates?

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This event a while ago you said that you wanted to go and I said I will sign you up 60 days before but I forgot to post it later. I posted it too early before the 60 day so we got hidden, and I had to do it again 60 days before the event unfortunately, I am not going to be changing the date as I wanted to be on the same day as the last flying out but thank you for letting me know I will remove you from the gate

I cannot use discord

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Sorry, I cannot send Virgin Atlantic won’t be flying that route anymore. January 7 is the very last day.

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