Very Irritating

Dear Infinite Flight Community,
I am posting this as the app would just never stop crashing, and it is making my flight impossible.
Before I say, I would like to say that I did all the recommended actions on the forum.
I have…
1- Turned off anti-aliasing,
2- Limited frame rate
3- Regulated texture, render resolution and quality
4- Cleared Cache
5- Restarted my phone
6- Re-installed the app
7- Formated the phone
8- Limited aeroplane count.
As I am using the S-10+, I expect that the phone would not be an issue.
The app would simply crash and shut down my phone every single time when I make an attempt to fly.
Due to such irritating issues, I could only make a single flight out of 125 attempts.
If the app is the issue, I would like to ask our dearest developers to fix this issue promptly…


Hello! This is an issue that surfaced with the Android 10 update for Samsung devices such as S10, S10+ & Note 10.

It is being investigated but it’s tricky since it only occurs on previously mentioned devices and started happening after a software update by the manufacturer. Other Android 10 devices are not affected.


Thank you for the quick reply.
It is glad to know why the app is keep crashing, as it really annoyed me a lot.
And I would like to know if the next update will fix this issue.


We can’t say at this point since it’s a fairly isolated issue and the app isn’t crashing, the device are. This means we’re not getting any logs on the cause.

We’ll do our best to a have this fixed for the next update, but can’t make any guarantees.


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