Very impressed with pilots @ TNCM Advanced

As we all know, TNCM gets CRAZY busy with approach queues snaking through the sky, and having an approach controller there is a godsend. About an hour ago I was heading towards the madness and had just come into range of Juliana Approach when the controller logged off. Shortly after, the tower controller left too. At this point I was getting a little nervous, as there was still quite a line of planes inbound for TNCM and no controllers. I considered diverting to a nearby towered airport but decided to push on for TNCM, and Iā€™m glad I did. I was very pleasantly surprised that all inbound pilots managed to space themselves perfectly and there were no speed or sequencing issues. Goes to show you that in spite of the horror stories on this forum, there are great pilots out there! I did have to go around because an Omni 777 took a little too long to takeoff, but I was able to join back into the pattern and land without issues!


When everyone follows instructions it is easier on the controllers and a more pleasant expierence for pilots.
The new speed restrictions will continue to make this a better Sim for everyone.


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