Very High Quality

Can anyone tell me what the main difference between ‘High quality’ and ‘Very high quality’ on the Aircraft detail is?

Better resolution I assume but is there anything that truly stands out?

Yes the airplane now has a glossy shiny look, when irs set to very high detail

I have an iPad 2 so I am thinking I am not in the high category…yet : )

Not going to see a huge difference with an iPad 2 except even slower processing time 😐

I did do a test. High VS Very High. The difference is:

  • The engines look so much better and more realistic.
  • Gloss and generally the whole plane looks much sharper.
  • Remember to turn the time to Sunrise, Sunset or Night to see the cabin lights!

That’s all from me!
(Airline) 660 heavy

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Thanks Dan and all. I’m at work right now so I can’t test it for myself. But I did manage to have a quick look when I updated and I noticed the scrolling in the A320 cockpit is way smoother ( high quality). Not sure why that would be as it is more detailed. maybe the graphics were optimized. I will have test it on a another plane like the 747.

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Your most welcome :D

Just be careful turning the graphic setting to “very high” because some devices will run slower, I have to put water quality and terrain quality all the way too low just so I can have very high, Also the device get’s very hot this having lagg.