Very high graphics don't work.

When I tried to change the aircraft graphics from high to very high, it didn’t change. Can anyone help?

I don’t think you’ll see such a huge difference between the two. The only thing that is different from high and very high is just a slightly better reflection but you can’t tell the difference very well.

High Graphics:

Very High Graphics:

I hope this helps! :)


All it does is changes how light reflects off the plane. I honestly think high looks more realistic.


I think someone asked this somewhere in the forum Sometime back.Only any member of the team can answer this best but all in all i think the change does affect performance

Here you go!review that topic please…i don’t know if it has the solution yet

Check out this!i can’t be 100% sure it’s true

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Do you have a display that is capable of reflecting that change? It could be that the display you have might not have the resolution to show better graphics.

If you put the time to sunset, sunrise, or night, the windows have lights (most of them)

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